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May. 16th, 2013

gonna chain smoke the only cigarette i have
i sincerely feel as though anglo-ascension in the mile end has killed off a strand of bédéistes in montréal. nobody even remembers fichtre!, a comic book store right by mont-royal metro. the past 5 years have seen a de-centralization from the plateau, with a shift in focus to the mile-end, where non-native anglos who call themselves montrealers have dictated what's cool and what youth focus on - an increasingly american way of creating art, and not encouraging anglos to consume québécois or french art. 

anyway, that's my opinion. it breaks my heart that i myself forgot about fichtre! altogether, and worse, that no one has ever spoken to me about it, in years. as though D+Q has always been the one and only. 

Oct. 17th, 2012

HOLY SHIT I WAS TOLD 5 QUESTIONS PER CLASS!! this woman is a goddamn nutbar. most incredibly useless class but i hope and guess i will never, ever, EVER have to take a documentation/research methods class EVER. AGAIN. and that i won't have such a tendency to procrastinate.
i don't care if Jay-Z is the "best rapper" he has become COMPLETELY irrelevant. same with kanye. i'm so, so tired of people losing their shit over them rapping about getting rich over an otis redding tune. Das Racist is where it's at. beyoncé doesn't matter.
 i am totally obsessed with Rye Rye.

Jun. 21st, 2011

 best smoothie of life:

-frozen mango
-pear nectar
-apple cider
-and mint

do yourselves a favour. like i said, best smoothie/drink of life. 

Jan. 26th, 2011

 oh, how i wish i could just stay in all day, and listen to m. ward, read kate beaton and make me some food. some veg chili and cornbread would be nice.

dancing with a boy would also be nice. 
 this, i hope, is the year i get off my ass and prep my CV and have the guts to send it to anyone and everyone ever.

Jan. 19th, 2011

 most exciting thing ever - i was just telling my  mom in the car how saddening it is that i don't know when i'll see people that i've met through my travels again, if at all. i booked my flight to buenos aires this morning, just posted it to facebook a couple hours ago, and my friend felix, whom i stayed with in madrid (that was the first time we met and we instantly hit it off) IS GOING TO BE IN BUENOS AIRES ON MARCH 8. i leave the 10th!! how fucking amazing is that!?? such a coincidence!!